Short Break to Taipei

So my high school mate from London came visiting HK and wanted to visit Taipei. Being a good buddy I agreed and we jetted off for our weekend in Taipei city. If not for the transport and flight delays, I would actually visit Taipei more often. It’s a great city and with plenty of awesome food to go for it.


Waiting for departure

So we took the Friday night flight with a bit of delay and eventually ended up in Taipei City at about 9:30pm. Our first stop was of course to heal our hunger and my friend in Taipei took us to a hotpot shop (was told its really famous). And i must say it was actually very good food and even my mate enjoyed it.


And after dinner I took my mate to check out the night life of taipei. My personal favourite is Sparks ATT, good vibe and great DJ. Recommend to visit if you do head to Taipei and like to check out the nightlife but do get there early and be prepared to queue (thanks to my taiwan friend, i jumped the queue).


With my high school mate at Sparks ATT

The next day I booked a driver to take us to some scenic spots about an hour drive away from Taipei downtown. The driver was really good and he spoke cantonese which made it all that much easier (Msg me if you want his contact, he speaks mandarin, cantonese and english). So we went to three spots on this day tour, first stop was Yehliu Geopark (野柳地質公園) and then we went to Jiufen (九份) & Shifen (十份).


Yehliu Geopark

Now the geopark wasn’t so bad if not for us picking the hottest time of the day to go. So it was all sweat sweat sweat. Couldn’t wait to board the air conditioned car again.



Jiufen has a narrow street that lead to an observation deck. Inside this street, lots of yummy food and interesting shops. Now tip for tourist, don’t buy your tea or souvenirs here, it cost much more than downtown.


Shifen (Sky Lantern)

Shifen is the railway track where they filmed that famous taiwanese movie 那些年,我们一起追的女孩. It’s where you write on lanterns (天灯) and send it to the sky. It’s an interesting place, as trains run through the tracks still but everyone is still pilled on the rail track until a train comes by and everyone scrambles to the side.