Revived my Nexus 7

So this is my travel tablet, the Nexus 7. For some odd reason it decided not to boot up a few nights ago. Thought I had to get a new tablet for my trip!!! But wait, after hours of trying and googling. I got it working again!!! I love this tablet actually, just the right size for travelling and great offline apps to go with it.

Those who wants get one can snap one up pretty cheap now. Although I heard there is a new one coming out soon and you can bet I will be updating to that.


Nexus 7


New Backpack – Osprey Waypoint 85

So going start of my first post with this new backpack which I bought and hopefully will follow me around the many destinations to come. I did much research and decided to get this Osprey Waypoint 85. I couldn’t find it at any retailers in Hong Kong so I had to order mine from Amazon. This costed me USD$210 plus shipping. I chose this backpack for two reasons, one it has the daypack which is detachable and secondly it was the right size (85L of space!!!). I will report on how comfortable it is through out my trips and hopefully I made the right choice. Should be here in about 2 weeks!!! Already getting excited about my upcoming trip to Jordan & Turkey!!!